Digital Hearing Aid

Digital hearing aids represent the newest and most sophisticated hearing aid technology and, using its computer processing power, digital hearing instruments are able to analyze sounds and then properly and automatically adjust themselves in order to suit your needs.

Siemens Digital Hearing Aid

Phonak Digital Hearing Aid

Phonak digital hearing aids are the nice option to help hearing impaired persons to encounter hearing difficulty which emerges in their daily lives. You may have known that people who have deafness or trouble with their ears need the right hearing instrument. When it comes to the digital hearing aids for unbeatable sound quality and long life.

Widex Digital Hearing Aid

When you would like to find the proper hearing equipment, it is better to choose Widex digital hearing aids. Widex digital hearing aids are the famous brand of personal health care equipments and all the products deliver the best function and performance that will be useful for you.

Resound Digital Hearing Aid


Oticon Digital Hearing Aid

Axon Digital Hearing Aid

For those of you requiring digital hearing equipment, it would be better for you to take Axon digital hearing aids as your consideration. Some models of these equipments are mostly available in lower price than the other hearing instruments making them the best choice for anyone on a budget.

Sonic Digital Hearing Aid

Unitron Digital Hearing Aid

Unitron digital hearing aids are the nice option to help anyone from problem which may occur in people with severe hearing loss. Hearing impaired can be considered as one of the crucial disability that you should maintain properly.Here you can find quick information about Unitron digital hearing aids.

Elkon Digital Hearing Aid

Alps Digital Hearing Aid

An audiologist can easily regulate your digital hearing aids by modifying the computer chip inside it. Your digital hearing aids will give more capabilities for you who have hearing problems. The benefit of using digital hearing aids is that you do not need to raise the size. You can get more capabilities of your hearing aids. Digital hearing aids have some listening modes. You can control the volume of your hearing aids automatically. Digital hearing aids will give response lessening automatically when the hearing aid squeals.

Recently many manufacturers produce electronic devices that are using the word “digital”. You can find digital cameras or other electronic devices. That word “digital” is also used for hearing aids. Digital hearing aids mean that the sounds that come into the hearing aid are changed by a computer chip into a system that can be adjusted.

Digital hearing aids will interpret sound to digital regulations. Finally, they will change the digital regulations and re-conduct it back by using mathematical calculations. They will also duplicate sound conduction. The digital hearing aids will produce a high-quality sound. The sound is very precise that will help your hearing problems. A lot of people think that digital hearing aids have revolutionized because they are using digital systems. Digital hearing aids are the highest quality available hearing aids on the market today.

Some people may have hearing loss for both ears so that they will need two hearing aids. Even the best hearing aid will sound bad when worn in only one ear. If you use two hearing aids, they will make you able to tell which direction sounds are coming from. You can have a lot of advantages by using digital hearing aids to help you cover your hearing loss. They also have so many automatic features. Some people with hearing problems believe that an analog hearing aid that can be planned is also can give good sound quality. It is the function of digital hearing aids. People keep using programmable analog hearing aids because they are more affordable or cheaper than digital hearing aids

Digital hearing Aid Price In India

There are 1000 different types of digital hearing aids are available in the market in India. A premium price of digital hearing aid Price for you ₹ 24,590 to ₹ 2,80,990.

Model Name Approx Price in INR
Siemens Signia Lotus Fast P (BTE) Digital 4 Channel Aid ₹3,540
Bernafon Saphira Digital Hearing Aid ₹1,35,000
Widex DAILY 50 D05-FA Digital Hearing Aid ₹21,000
Prompt S (Twin Mic) B.T.E Digital Hearing Aid ₹15,990
Siemens Digital Hearing Aid ₹25,000
Phonak Digital Hearing Aid by SRK Meditech ₹12,000
Widex Digital Hearing Aid by Prime Clinic ₹15,000
Oticon Digital Hearing Aids by Sravani Hearing Aid & Clinic ₹35,000
Sonic Hearing Aids by Hello Digital Hearing Aids Centre ₹85,000

Top Suppliers and Dealers of Digital Hearing Aid

Supplier NameCityBusiness Type
Mathur Radios & Engineering Works Lucknow Wholesale Trader
Shabdham Hearing Aid Centre Chennai Wholesale Trader
Om Sai Speech & Hearing Clinic Pune Wholesale Trader
Hearing Aid Voice Solution New Delhi Wholesaler
Nav Jivan Hearing Aids Solution Mumbai Exporter
National Hearing Solutions Chennai Wholesaler
SRK Meditech New Delhi Authorized Wholesale Dealer