ITE Hearing Aid

ITE is short of In-the-Ear is a type of hearing aid that is completely placed within the ear.ITE hearing aid can help in most of the hearing losses. ITE hearing aids are small in size which is easily fitted outer portion of the ear. The main advantage of ITE hearing Aids is longer battery life and improved hearing in severe hearing loss.

Phonak ITE Hearing Aid

Axon ITE Hearing Aid

Widex ITE Hearing Aid

Resound ITE hearing Aid

Oticon ITE Hearing Aid

Siemens ITE Hearing Aid

Unitron ITE Hearing Aid

Elkon ITE Hearing Aid

Alps ITE Hearing Aid

Sonic ITE Hearing Aid

How much ITE hearing aid cost

A standard ITE hearing aid cost you approx 15,000 INR. Price of ITE hearing aids vary from brand to brand.

ITE hearing aid for profound loss

In profound loss of hearing ITE hearing aids which is connected to smartphones are more helpfull.A smart phone is connected to your hearing aids and caption the voice on phones screen.

Axon k 86 ITE hearing aid

Axon K 86 ITE Hearing Aid are small in size and can gain sound up to 30dB. These hearing aids comes with Adjustable Voice levels with three voice modes and can be used by person with any age group. Put 4 some AXON 86 Hearing Products;

Signia ITE hearing aids

Signia ITE hearing aids comes with latest hearing techologies like bluetooth enabled, smartphone support, speech to text conversion for wearers who have severe profound hearing loss. These hearing aids are tailored fit for customer. Signia ITE hearing aids consists of components like Microphone, Mini-chip, Removal cord, Battery door,and a vent for optimum ear ventilation. Put 4 some Signia Hearing Products;

Rechargeable ITE hearing aid

Rechargeable ITE hearing aids comes with a rechargeable battery, a power cord with charging station. This type of hearing aids provides more than 24 hours of hearing once charged. Rechargeable ite hearing aids batteries are type of Lithium-ion or Silver Zin. Put 4 some Rechargeable ITE hearing aid Products;

Siemens ITE hearing aids prices

Siemens is a multinational company whose one product is hearing AIds.Siemens manufacture wide range of hearing Aids. Siemens ITE hearing aids price is approx 3500 rs.

Siemens ITE hearing aids price List

Model Name Price in RS
Siemens SIGNIA FAST P LOTUS SIGNIA FAST P Hearing Aid (Beige) ₹3,510
Siemens Signia Prompt P - BTE ₹11,990
Siemens Digital Pocket In the Ear Hearing Aid ₹3,190
Siemens LOTUS 12 P BTE ₹7,390
Siemens Orion 2 RIC 312 Digital 16 Channel ₹13,900

Starkey ITE hearing aids

Starkey ITE hearing aids are small and easily adusted in ears that are comfortable to wear and adjust.Anyone can use Starkey hearing aids that have problem in hearing.Starkey ITE hearing aids comes with Wireless and bluetooth support.

Top 10 Manufacturers of ITE Hearing Aid with Price

Manufacturer Price
Elkon ITE Hearing Aids Rs 7,000/ Piece Approx.
Axon ITE Hearing Aids Rs 6,500/ Piece Approx.
SIEMENS ITE Hearing Aids Rs 8,600/ Piece Approx.
Starkey ITE Hearing Aids Rs 7,990/ Piece Approx.
Widex ITE Hearing Aids Rs 13,550/ Piece Approx.
Phonak ITE Hearing Aids Rs 18,000/ Piece Approx.
Amplifon ITE Hearing Aids Rs 15,000/ Piece Approx.
Oticon ITE Hearing Aids Rs 7,499/ Piece Approx.
Alps ITE Hearing Aids Rs 13,500/ Piece Approx.
Resound ITE Hearing Aids Rs 62,00/ Piece Approx.

ITE (In-the-ear ) hearing equipment is all the ones that are custom fitted within the ear. They are less noticed, since they are somewhat camouflaged by the ear, and can be used by patients with mild to moderate hearing loss. There is less possibility of “feedback” and whistling, which is picking up sounds from the receiver (speaker) down in the ear canal, plus they are easier to use when speaking on the phone. The downside to wearing them is primarily the occlusion effect (the sensation of a blocked ear), and the fact that they are difficult to adjust or remove. Finally, their small batteries only last about 5 days or so depending on use. This family of hearing instruments may also cause common medical problems, such as otitis externa and pressure ulcers in the external auditory canal.

Top Suppliers and Dealers of ITE Hearing Aid

Supplier NameCityBusiness Type
Sonova Hearing India Private Limited Mumbai Wholesaler
Sound Life Inc Ahmedabad Wholesale Trader
Dhwani Aurica Private Limited Mumbai Manufacturer
Unicare Speech Hearing Clinic New Delhi Wholesale Distributor
Clear Tone Hearing Solutions Ghaziabad Wholesale Trader
Listen To Talk A Comlete Speech & Hearing Solutions Hyderabad Service Provider
Shri Ganpati Sales New Delhi Exporter