Interton Hearing Aid

Interton Ready custom-made hearing aids make it easier than you might think to deal with your hearing loss. These new light-weight, custom-made hearing aids help you hear better even in noisy environments, and they’re so small, they’re almost invisible. 

Digital Hearing Aid

A digital hearing aid device that receives and digitizes sound prior to amplification.A traditional hearing aid that just increases the frequency of sound waves to amplify sounds. A hearing aid is a small electronic device that gets fit behind your ear and it provides specific hearing aid and keeps away difficulties of loud sounds.

Mini Hearing Aid

It is slightly smaller yet ideal for wearers with limited dexterity and moderates to serve to hear. This aid transform life with one tiny hearing aid, it is discreet and invisible. It is easy to use and it's cost-effective. It is tiny and fits comfortably in the ear. It sounds clear after the canal gets through the tubing and it mild the severe hearing losses.

Hearing Aids Types & Price

Type Approximate price
Entry-level hearing aids Rs. 27,490 to Rs. 36,990
Mid-range hearing aids Rs. 52,990 to Rs. 1,29,990
Premium hearing aids Rs. 1,54,990 to Rs. 2,74,990

Top Suppliers and Dealers of Interton Hearing Aid

Supplier NameCityBusiness Type
Sonova Hearing India Private Limited Mumbai Wholesaler
GN Hearing India Private Limited Navi Mumbai Manufacturer
Amplifon India Private Limited Gurgaon Manufacturer
Sound Life Inc Ahmedabad Wholesale Trader
SRK Meditech New Delhi Authorized Wholesale Dealer
Saimo Import & Export New Delhi Wholesale Trader