Rexton Hearing Aid

Rexton Bridge Hearing Aid
Rexton Bridge Hearing Aid
Supplier: Mrudul Hearing Aid Centre

Wholesale Trader from Mumbai, Maharashtra

Rexton Hearing Aid by Munna Chashma Wale
Rexton Hearing Aid by Munna Chashma Wale
Supplier: Munna Chashma Wale

Wholesale Trader from Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh

Rexton is one of the most recognizable names in the hearing aids industry. The Rexton Hearing Aid Company has been providing affordable hearing devices to people from all around the world for the past fifty years. Rexton offers a full line of hearing solutions, including BTE and CIC models and comes in different shapes and colors. Rexton hearing aids allows you the pleasure of not having to adjust your hearing aid manually when there are sudden sounds too loud, like breaking glass, or a high pitch whistle. 

Rexton Hearing Aid Price in India

Product NameApprox Price in INR
Rexton ITC Hearing Aids Rs. 11000.00 / Piece
Rexton Arena BTE Hearing Aid Rs. 7000.00 / Piece(s)
Rexton arena p1 Rs. 4500.00 / Piece
Rexton Hearing Aid Rs. 14000.00 / Unit
Rexton Hearing Aids Rs. 7600.00 / Piece