Hearing Aids in Chennai

Micro Hearing  Aid
Micro Hearing Aid
Supplier: Siddhi Kids Therapy Center

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Basic Information On Hearing Aids
Basic Information On Hearing Aids
Supplier: Dr. Gupta's Dental Clinic

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ReSound Enya 330 DW P ITC by Nik Agencies
ReSound Enya 330 DW P ITC by Nik Agencies
Supplier: Nik Agencies

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Hearing Aid Dealer in Chennai

Hearing Loss has affected a large number of people in India. The extent of the population struggling with hearing loss is so big that hearing impairment is a recognized disability under the Rights of Persons with Disability Act 2016.

It is a big impediment in building communication and relation with others. If the condition is not treated, hearing loss can also become a psychological condition due to the social stigma attached to hearing loss. Therefore, it is important to seek a solution from your doctor and take hearing aid as soon as possible.

The hearing equipment come in variety such as behind-the-ear, receiver-in-canal, receiver-in-the-ear and a couple of others. This hearing aid may enable proper hearing but where there is aggravated condition, it can improve hearing ability if not absolutely.

Providing infrastructural aid and equipment by educational institutions is also the mandate under the Act of 2016. If your educational institution is under this obligation, then you must be in need of bulk requirement.

There are numerous hearing aid dealers in Chennai that provide all sorts of hearing aid. They have hearing equipment available in numerous sizes and patterns, but the cost of such devices will differ based on the brand and features.

Here, you will get the contact details of these dealers. Once you contact them, they will come to your place with the essentials and will also explain to you the working of the hearing aid. They will listen to your case and make sure it fits correctly and comfortably in your ear, or behind your ear and will be ready to assist you with any further advice.

Hearing Aids Price in Chennai

Product NameApprox Price in INR
Rechargeable Hearing Aid(335) Rs. 1900.00 / Piece
Interton BTE Hearing Aid ( Trimmer Digital ) Rs. 15000.00 / Piece
D2-FA Power Widex Hearing Aid Rs. 105000.00 / Piece
Signia Custom Intuis 3 ITE Rs. 27990.00 / Piece
Amiga 178 PP AO Hearing Aids Rs. 5990.00 / Piece