Widex Hearing Aid

Widex is one of the oldest manufacturers of hearing aid equipment, Widex is renowned for its ability to tailor to specific needs of their consumers. Established in 1956, Widex is based in Denmark and owns 10 percent of the world's market share in the hearing aid market. Widex offers a full line of hearing solutions and has a reputation for providing superior customer service.

Widex Daily Hearing Aid

Widex Daily hearing aids could be your best selection if you are about to find hearing equipment in the great quality of sounds. Surely, the hearing problems should not make your life monotone, right? With the support of these digital hearing aids, you can get back your hearing to let you continue your everyday activities.

Widex Unique Hearing Aid

Widex Unique hearing aids come as great solution for people who have conductive hearing loss problem. These are among many reliable digital hearing aids recommended by many professionals due to the great performance and ability. Besides, these are also completed with superior features and advanced technology.

Widex Beyond Hearing Aid

Widex Beyond hearing aids are a certain type of digital hearing aids offered by Widex that works in great quality and performance. This product comes with a lot of useful technology to support performance. Therefore, with the support of Widex Beyond hearing aids, people with hearing loss problems could get extra support.

Widex Dream Hearing Aid

Widex Dream hearing aids help you to enjoy rich and detailed sound quality everywhere even in noisy places. It increases the battery life of equipment up to 20%. Widex dream uses True-Input Technology which widens the input range (up to 113 dB SPL) and maintains fidelity.

Widex Menu Hearing Aid

Widex Menu hearing aids are other options for the great quality hearing aid series offered by Widex. This manufacturer is famous for its superior digital hearing aids that bring extra support for people with hearing loss problems. By providing these Widex Menu hearing aids, you can enjoy your happy life without being bothered with the hearing problem.

Widex pro Hearing Aid

Widex pro hearing aids comes as a great selection for people who have hearing loss problem. This is one of the best digital hearing aids offered by Widex, a reliable brand of listening devices that is popular with the great performance and support. With the support of Widex pro hearing aids, people with conductive hearing loss problems.

Today hearing loss can be treated regardless of what type of hearing loss you have you can receive the best hearing aids, in fact beyond the best. The technology has a substantial contribution to improving the hearing aids functionalities. We have a lot of smart hearing aids available in the market offering enhancements in hearing abilities. A Widex Hearing aid is the most considered hearing aid because of its smart features.

A Widex Hearing aid is just the smartest of all the hearing aids available out there. This hearing aid evolves in real life to continue getting smarter with each day. It features a built-in SoundSense Adapt technology that keeps track of all the changes you make and applies them to your hearing needs depending on the environmental conditions. It’s built-in Fluid Sound Analyzer and Controller sets up the optimal sound for various sound conditions making it easy to adjust the hearing needs in different sound conditions.

It’s all automated and smart providing extreme comfort to the users. Since it is smart it can be connected to your smartphone both Android and Apple through the BEYOND app, which lets you design your own hearing. It can be connected anytime anywhere or better hearing experience. All in all, it is the best hands-free hearing aid one can consider treating their hearing loss in a smarter way.

If you are looking forward to investing in this new, advanced and smart hearing aid then you can shop it online or alternatively you can use the Widex Hearing aid dealer locator to locate the dealer near you. You can find the nearest Widex hearing aid dealer to you contact them, tell about your hearing aid requirements, your type of hearing loss, and get the best hearing aid designed to suit your requirements and hearing needs.

Widex Hearing Aid Price List 2021 - 2022

Widex Hearing Aid price depends on the model no and ease of use. Below we provided a few best-selling Widex Hearing Aid with an approx price.

Model/ Product Name Approx Price in INR
Widex Daily 100 RIC Aid Rs 33,999/ Piece
Widex Daily 30 Fa P Rs 1,20,000/ Piece
Widex Unique XP ITE Hearing Aid Rs 65,000/ Piece
Widex Beyond Fusion 2 440 Rs 2,90,000 / Piece
Widex Menu ME3 BTE Hearing Aid Rs 16,600 / Piece

Top Suppliers and Dealers of Widex Hearing Aid

Supplier NameCityBusiness Type
SRK Meditech New Delhi Authorized Wholesale Dealer
Waves Hearing Aid Center Hyderabad Wholesaler
R K Hear Care Kolkata Wholesale Trader
Veer International New Delhi Wholesale Trader
Nik Agencies Chennai Wholesale Trader
Shraddha Speech & Hearing Clinic Ahmedabad Wholesale Trader
Amplifon India Private Limited Gurgaon Manufacturer