Oticon Hit Pro Hearing Aid by Otic Hearing Solutions Private Limited

Oticon Hit is a family of reliable, great sounding hearing instrumentsin the mid-to-low priced market. Powered by Oticon’s RISE platform,featuring sector leading automatics and 8 kHz bandwidth. ..


Oticon Hit is a family of reliable, great sounding hearing instruments
in the mid-to-low priced market. Powered by Oticon’s RISE platform,
featuring sector leading automatics and 8 kHz bandwidth. Hit makes the
fitting process straightforward and is quickly accepted by clients.
Hit is suitable for all types of hearing losses within the mild to severe-
to-profound range and comes in a broad range of styles: RITE, ITE’s and
discrete BTE styles offering long battery life as well as a power solution.
Hit comes in two full product lines at two attractive price points.

Increased Bandwidth :
Based on the RISE technology ultra fast audio processing provides superior, undistorted sound quality in all listening environments. In combination with 8 kHz bandwidth the instrument delivers a rich sound picture.

Noise Management :
A modulation-based Noise Management System which uses a speech-weighted approach to ensure that interfering noise is attenuated without notably affecting important speech cues – this guarantees
simultaneous good speech understand- ing and comfort.

Advanced Feedback Control :
Oticon’s Dynamic Feedback Cancellation system (DFC2) highly effectively elimi- nates feedback in most situations.

Adaptive Directionality :
The directionality system increases theVoice-to-Noise ratio in challenging situations by suppressing moving and stationary noise sources from the sides and behind. There are two directionality modes: Surround and Split directionality.

Discreet Design :
All BTE styles are small and discreet, combining robustness, high durability with user­ riendly ergonomics. All BTE styles are available in 10 full colour shells.

Features :

  • Bandwidth 8 kHz
  • Automatic Directionality
  • Adaptive Directionality*
  • Noise Management
  • Automatic Adaptation Manager*
  • Dynamic Feedback Cancellation 2
  • Front Focus
  • Open Ear Acoustics
  • Corda2 thin tube solution
  • Wind noise protection
  • NAL - NL1 and DSL v5.0a m[i/o]
  • Memory
  • Four user programs
  • DAI and FM
  • T-coil
  • AutoPhone program
  • Battery Low warning
  • Sound indicators for program shifts
  • On-set delay and jingle
  • Mute/Stand by mode
  • nEARcom Cordless enabled
  • Hit Pro only
  • Except for CIC/MIC and CIC/MIC Power

Product Specification

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