Siemens Hearing Aid in Gurgaon

Siemens hearing aid dealer in Gurugram

If you want to purchase hearing equipment to treat your hearing loss, you will have ample varieties to choose from. The hearing aid devices come in different patterns and sizes. The price of the hearing aid depends upon the brand you choose.

The most trusted and reputed brand that produces robust and durable hearing aid solutions is Siemens India. It is the most reliable name in making electrification, automation, and digitization technology. They create hearing equipment which is known for being made by ENT specialists of unique Hearing Care Centre. Siemens hearing aids will help you regain your hearing ability and help you communicate normally. Siemens Hearing equipment is famous for its innovative features. They are extremely comfortable and offer excellent natural-sounding audio. Siemens devices are designed to enable easy use, comfortable wear, and production of loud and clear sound.

They also feature Bluetooth Connectivity with smartphones to stream phone calls. There are various Remote-Control Options that can be accessed via free myControl App. All in all, this is the best brand to go for when you want to buy hearing equipment and accessories.

If you are looking for Siemens hearing aid dealer in Gurugram, just enter your location and you will get the details of the dealers near your place. The contact details of the dealers are provided here. You can call them and place the order from your home. They will deliver the hearing equipment at your place and you may even get some discounts.

Siemens Hearing Aid Price in Gurgaon

Product NameApprox Price in INR
Siemens Hearing Aids Rs. 6000.00 / Piece
Siemens Control Unit CU230 P-2 Rs. 8500.00 / Piece
Siemens Pure Primax 7Px with S Receiver RIC Hearing Aid Rs. 20000.00 / price