Super Hearing Aids by Widex India Private Limited

Other Details:The power to provide loudnessThe gain for speech understandingNo feedback/doesn’t whistleLong battery lifeMade for all day, everyday useRobust and stylish designOptimised for use i..


Other Details:

  • The power to provide loudness
  • The gain for speech understanding
  • No feedback/doesn’t whistle
  • Long battery life
  • Made for all day, everyday use
  • Robust and stylish design
  • Optimised for use in classrooms / at lectures with the design-integrated FM receiver
  • A choice of two receivers, for moderate to severe or severe to profound hearing loss, plus various ear-tips and earmoulds
  • RITE (receiver-in-the-ear) /RIC (receiver-in-canal) model - wireless solution
  • Recommended for severe to profound hearing loss

Product Specification

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