Siemens Orion SP/RIC Hearing aid by Prerna Enterprises

Listing is for 1x Siemens Orion S/M/P/SP/ RIC BTESiemens Orion is available in four models that cover a range of hearing losses:(Please state your choice post order)Orion S for mild hearing lossO..


Listing is for 1x Siemens Orion S/M/P/SP/ RIC BTE

Siemens Orion is available in four models that cover a range of hearing losses:

(Please state your choice post order)

  • Orion S for mild hearing loss
  • Orion M for mild to moderate loss
  • Orion P for severe hearing loss
  • Orion RIC that can support mild to severe hearing loss

Each Orion and Sirion model has major beneficial features to allow you to hear easily and live your life without slowing down.

  • Water Resistance. With an IP67 water resistant rating, the Siemens Orion can be submerged in up to 3 feet of water for 30 minutes making it ideal for you you to carry on with almost every recreational water activity which you enjoy.
  • Durable Design. The rugged design of these hearing aids allows the safe continuation of active lifestyle. Microphones are encased in nanocoated membranes.  A rubber gasket and closed frame on the hearing aid keeps dirt, sweat, and other particles from entering the device, making it perfect for gardening, running, hiking, or to go cycling without worrying about hearing aid’s performance being compromised.
  • Feedback Cancellation. Feedback-whistling noises often caused by hearing aids are prevented in the Orion.
  • Telecoil Technology. Lastly, the Orion M, P, and RIC models and Sirion P model feature telecoil technology. Telecoil technology allows you to use the phone easily and loop into public places such as churches and classrooms. You will be able to once again hear a speaker in a large auditorium. You will no longer have to miss out on all that life has to offer.
  • Discreet and Stylish. 

The Siemens Orion series has a few extra benefits. For tinnitus, or “ringing in the ears”, as 1 in 5 people do, the Siemens Orion has technology to help relieve those debilitating symptoms.  E2E (Ear 2 Ear) connects your hearing aids, making it seamless to change programs and volume.


Product Specification

Specification Value
No. Of Channels Above 6
Brand Siemens
Model Orion SP/RIC

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