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Digital hearing aidRIC hearing aidStarkey hearing aidHearing aidDigital cic. bte, itc, ite hearing aidsStarkey S Series Hearing Aids Starkey's new lineup of hearing aid technology.With the S Series St..


Digital hearing aid
RIC hearing aid
Starkey hearing aid
Hearing aid
Digital cic. bte, itc, ite hearing aids

Starkey S Series Hearing Aids Starkey's new lineup of hearing aid technology.With the S Series Starkey introduces its Drive Architecture, a multi-core sound processing technology. This new high-speed state-of-the-art sound processor offers better than ever performance and improves battery life.
Drive Architecture also improves speech recognition in noise by automatically classifying incoming signals and switching to the optimum environmental algorithm for speech preservation.
The S Series hearing aids also introduces a new technology called . This breakthrough technology allows you to control your S Series hearing aids with any cell or touch-tone phone.
No remote control needed!

  • S Series 11 Specifics - Premium technology (16 channels)
  • S Series 9 Specifics - Advanced technology (12 channels)
  • S Series 7 Specifics - Select technology (8 channels)
  • S Series 5 Specifics - Standard technology (6 channels)
S Series by StarkeyAlthough the S Series uses basically the same case as the Starkey Zon line, that is where the similarity ends. S Series is a full generation ahead of the Zon in feedback and noise reduction which are probably the two most important aspects of modern hearing aid technology.
In addition, Starkey’s T² feature eliminates the need for additional remote controls. This feature alone is worth the price of admission over the long run as anyone who left home without their hearing aid remote control will attest too. Now almost any phone will control the volume and switch programs.

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