Hearing Aid Brands

Hearing aid, also known as deaf aid, is a medical device that is used to improve hearing and help to make sounds audible to a person suffering from hearing loss. They are helpful in improving the hearing power of old people. Below we have listed Top 16 Hearing Aids Brands who manufactures word-class hearing aids

Signia Hearing Aid

Signia Hearing Aids is a part of the famous company Sivantos Pvt. Ltd, which is one of the world’s most popular manufacturers of hearing aids. They produce technologically high Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids with a stylish look and supreme quality and are available in the most sophisticated range of colors. Streaming of music, audio calls, and other audio connectivities like stream TV can also be done using these hearing aids. 

Resound Hearing Aid

Resound Hearing Aids believes that hearing experience should address unique needs. That’s why it comes with its set of hearing aids, audio devices and application programs to give people a better experience of quality hearing and better understanding and adaptation to different environments as well as different situations. They also have an option of online hearing test which helps the users to detect whether he/she needs a hearing tool or not. 

Phonak Hearing Aid

Phonak Hearing Aids is one of the most respectable companies producing quality hearing aids that solely focus on quality and trust. With great team efforts, they have pushed themselves to the path of 100% perfection and extreme satisfaction of users with their products and accessories.  They are popular for their perfect fit according to the ear structure which provides a great grip to the users.

Hansaton Hearing Aid

Hansaton Hearing Aids awaken your natural hearing intelligence by increasing the clarity and providing the best quality products to overcome hearing loss. They believe every ear is different and thus should be treated differently. They have superior quality hearing aids with a stylish look and easy handling which will help the users to connect with the world even more and interact with ease

Oticon Hearing Aid

Oticon focuses upon breaking the old rules of what’s impossible and thrive to make things possible with the help of a team of hardworking and skillful scientists. They have recently introduced technologically advanced hearing aids for kids in vibrant colors and interesting designs which makes them attractive and easy to use and handle at the same time.

Widex Hearing Aid

Widex Hearing Aids are the world’s truly smart hearing aids manufacture company that enables intelligent hearing in real life and completely dedicated to working towards it. They provide custom-fit hearing aids which means one can customize the fitting according to his/her ear which will give a good grip to the ear and hence very helpful for persons of all age groups.

Unitron Hearing Aid

Unitron Hearing aids is a company that proves to be a standout solution for all kinds of hearing loss issues and has been empowering people through a smart hearing solution for years. They allow their users to use the hearing aids and feel the difference without any financial commitment aiming at customer satisfaction and support and also continuously upgrade themselves with time and technology.

Siemens Hearing Aid

Siemens Hearing Aids has proudly announced its 92% success rate in the field of hearing aids manufacturer and became a global name serving happy customers in over 70 countries with its quality products, amazing styles, and fast service and assistance wherever the customer needs. It has a huge price range for all kinds of customers and so many types to choose from.

Axon Hearing Aid

Axon hearing aids is a huge brand manufacturing both hearing aid equipment and voice multiplier globally famous for its sleek design and battery-operated products with good battery life. Also, it is easy to operate and has a convenient size to make it suitable for users. They have very helpful service helpline available 24*7 for any assistance and help.

Sonic Hearing Aid

Sonic hearing aids provide quality products with an online product warranty for the security of all the products used which proves to be a great relief for the users. They have a huge range of products like BTE hearing aid, Mini BTE Hearing aid, RIC hearing aid and also custom hearing aid providing numerous options to customers to choose from.

Alps Hearing Aid

Alps hearing aids provide a huge range of affordable products developed through master class innovation aiming to empower people from all parts of the world with the best hearing solutions. Products are embedded with the state of the art technology which gives a ravishing look to the products and at the same time they do not compromise with the quality too.

Elkon Hearing Aid

Elkon Hearing Aids is the only hearing aid manufacturing company in India selected by the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment for the manufacturing and selling of all kinds of hearing aids throughout the country. Based on 1967, this company has made its place in this industry and gained the trust of millions of people over the past decades.

Interton Hearing Aid

Interton Hearing Aids provide you with the best value hearing aid with discreet personalized designs, ready custom made designs for better grip and great sound which makes it much easier to deal with hearing loss and help to gain confidence in day to day life. It produces great quality products which do not give the customers any chance to complain.

Audibel Hearing Aid


Rexton Hearing Aid

Rexton Hearing Aids was built on the foundation that exceptional hearing should be accessible to all and no one should be deprived of quality hearing. Their latest hearing technology provides the users with the most relaxed hearing experience. It also has many new features like music enhancer and fast connectivity. They produce A1 hearing aids and many additional features like music streaming in iOS devices to make the experience better.

Bernafon Hearing Aid

Bernafon Hearing Aids is a respectable brand when it comes to manufacturing of hearing aids since 1946 who have worked with utmost passion and dedication to solve the problems of hearing loss of people from all over the world with a wide variety of hearing aid products and services. They have served people of over 70 countries and helped them to communicate better and clearer.

Top Suppliers and Dealers of Hearing Aid Brands

Supplier NameCityBusiness Type
Laxmi Industries Indore Manufacturer
Indian Audio Centre Chandigarh Manufacturer
Shri Ganpati Sales New Delhi Exporter
Clear Tone Hearing Solutions Ghaziabad Wholesale Trader
Hearing Aid Voice Solution New Delhi Wholesaler
Goel Tronic Enterprise Allahabad Wholesale Trader
GN Hearing India Private Limited Navi Mumbai Manufacturer